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Cursillo is a Spanish word that simply means ‘a short course’ and has the idea of a ‘short race’ – something that takes you quickly forward. It refers particularly to the three day weekends which are a part of the movement as a whole and which are described as ‘a short course in Christian living’.


There are also larger gatherings which may be Parish, Deanery or Diocesan based. They also have a Spanish name—”Ultreya” which literally means ‘Upwards and Onwards’ (as in climbing a trail) but they are used to encourage us in keeping on with our Christian journey. Being involved in this way is entirely voluntary, but these gatherings are Cursillo’s special gift, to help us live out the vision the weekend has given us.


A cursillista is someone who has attended a 3 Day Cursillo – sometimes referred to as a veteran.


A sponsor is someone who has previously attended a 3 Day Cursillo and who undertakes the responsibility of supporting a new Cursillista (sometimes referred to as a candidate) in their application to attend a 3 day Cursillo; In obtaining the Parish Priest’s approval; in their attendance at the weekend and in their transition and commitment to the Fourth Day (i.e. the journey of ‘the rest of their lives’).

Lay Director

The Lay Director (often referred to as ‘LD’) is the person responsible for running a 3 day Cursillo Weekend. We also have 2 Co-Lay Directors ( ‘Co-LDs’) who are responsible for running the programme for the Newcastle Diocese AND there is an NLD (National Lay Director) responsible for Cursillo throughout Australia.

Spiritual Director

An SD or SA ‘Spiritual Director or Advisor’ is a Priest who attends a 3 Day weekend or the Diocesan Secretariat


Secretariat is a committee whose function is to support the Lay Director(s) and to fulfil the priestly ministry to Team and Participants; and to plan and implement the Cursillo programme each year.

Group Reunion

Group reunion is the regular meeting of a small group of Cursillistas who come together to review their Christian journey. It stimulates, deepens and creates an awareness of a living Christianity which is lived sincerely

What is the programme of a Cursillo Three Days?

The Cursillo Three Day Programme consists of fifteen talks and five meditations. Daily Eucharist, prayer and reflection are integral to the programme. It also includes celebration , singing and fellowship. The programme unfolds within a lived experience of loving Christian community.

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