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Sponsor Guidelines

Sponsor Guidelines

The team and Lay Director will do all they can to ensure the success of the Cursillo method for your candidate. However, the most important and long-lasting influence is going to be yours and Secretariat commends you on this undertaking. A few pointers have been set out below which you may find helpful as a sponsor.

  • Make sure you speak with the candidate’s rector about the candidate.
  • Please contact your candidate (and his/her spouse) and encourage them. Be sensitive to the candidate’s financial situation; let them know the cost of the weekend, and be aware there is financial assistance available from Secretariat if this is needed.
  • Application would have to be made for this support. Parishes often assist financially when they have a candidate attending, please explore this avenue as well.
  •  Speak to your candidate about any weekend support they require whilst they are away.
  •  Ensure you know where to bring your candidate on the first evening. Accompanying your candidate is a great encouragement. If you can’t attend, make sure you arrange transport for your candidate.
  • All Encouragement is important. Your prayers for the three days are especially important, and are an assurance to your candidate of your support and love.
  • Assist them to find a Group Reunion they feel comfortable with as soon as possible.
  • This may take a little bit of time, encouragement and perseverance. Your example of attending a Group Reunion is vital.
  • Go with them to Ultreyas and our Diocesan Ultreya. Support them with your encouragement and prayers and bring them to the follow-up Fourth Day Welcome.
  • The new veteran will require at least 12 months support.
  • Continue to pray for your veteran.
  • The Servant Community and your Parish Contact are available as a support link in all of the above.

Without sponsors there would be no Cursillo, and therefore your ongoing role is a vital part of all Cursillo Weekends. Thank you.

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