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M46 & W46 Cursillo 3 Days

M46 Cursillo was a very spiritual time. It was encouraging that we were able to share the weekend with the ladies of W46. Although there were only two candidates at the beginning, one had to drop out halfway through the weekend. So we ended up with just one! However we were just as committed to the weekend as if we had several more. Our theme statement was from Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” Our Theme Song was “Guide me O thou Great Jehovah.” This is a natural song for men and we seemed to sing it better as the weekend went on. We sang all the songs with gusto and I am sure that our candidate will have good memories of the weekend. He will especially be inspired by the testimonies of the team members. I am sure that the team members grew spiritually over the weekend.

Bishop Peter celebrated the closing Eucharist and he was very encouraging with his sermon for the movement.   Tony Farmer – M46 Lay Director


When you have been away and then come home, how do you describe your experience?

You talk about what you have seen, what you have experienced, what you have learnt and the people you have met.

Well, I have “been away” at W 46 at Quorrobolong Retreat. What I saw was a beautiful place, an opportunity to step aside and experience God’s creation in a lovely rural bush setting in the Watagan Mountains. Tall gum trees and Australian bush. Accommodation was very comfortable and the food great!
The staff were friendly and accommodating.

What I experienced was a time apart giving everyone the opportunity to grow in their understanding and their love of God through the talks, worship and prayer times. People who came to the weekend a little hesitant went home with a new understanding of what being in the family of God means. They responded to the talks, the chapel times and their table communities with enthusiasm and showing a readiness to go out to share the Gospel. I saw the team who had come to our first training day, a rather diverse, disassociated group of individuals, really work as a cohesive unit to show God’s Love to all they came in contact with. I saw our S.A .s Michelle Hazel-Jawhary, Rosemary Gillham and Judy Walsh provide much support and inspiration. Rosemary saw us through team training but, sadly, had to withdraw through ill health. We were blessed that Judy Walsh was able to step in seamlessly at the last moment.

I learnt that God’s family gain insight and strength from being together praying learning and sharing. I met many people who were willing to be open, to listen, to contribute and to grow.

Another weekend where God’s presence and the Cursillo motto of make a friend, be a friend and take that friend gently to Jesus was achieved.

Ruth McFarlane.

Welcome Day & Other Events

Welcome Day is next Saturday (16 September) at St James Morpeth. An invitation is extended to all Cursillistas. 9am for a cuppa concluding at 3pm.

Other News: The Diocesan Ultreya will be on Sat 18 November, 9 am for 9.30 am,  at the Cathedral. Please note that this is a change of date from our usual annual date. Please continue to pray for the Secretariat, giving thanks for those who continue to serve and for those who will be taking up new roles.

 Synods: The First Session of 52nd Annual Synod will be held on Saturday 23 September at Bishop Tyrrell College.

  • The date for the Special Session of the 52nd Synod for the purpose of Bishop Election has not been finalised. Nominations have closed.

Prayer for Bishop Electoral process

God of Wisdom and Light: You alone have power to bring blessing out of all our choices and use our actions for the building up of your kingdom, be with members of our Bishop’s Nomination Board as they take counsel for the future.

Turn their hearts and ours to listen to your spirit. Guide them in discerning faithful people for consideration as Bishop of the Diocese, and help us all to know your will for us at this time, and in all things seek to give you glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

National Secretariat Busselton W.A.

held on Friday 26th to Sunday 28th May 2017. There were 9 Dioceses of Australia represented and  included a total of 21 delegates and 4 guests and observers.
The conference was opened by the National Lay director Roger O’Hara and the opening Eucharist was led by Rev. Steve Niland.

The National Secretariat meeting included routine matters of national relevance, with  discussion on the condensing of the 3 day Cursillo weekend to 2 days.  Comments were noted from people who had already held 2 day Cursillo weekends as a trial. Reports of the results were both positive and negative. Positive because less time was needed, expenses were reduced, & working people had a better access to the 2 day weekend.

Negative from the teams point of view  in that while it was fruitful it was exhausting with little time for consolidation.
The overall result appeared to be one of individual evaluation. I got the impression that if the 3 day weekend was available (after considerations of cost and inconvenience were taken into account) it should be given preference.

Anyone who was a candidate of course was unable to make comparisons and experienced a well organised weekend with a richly enhanced faith uplift, albeit overcrowded with information.

The National Dropbox facility was discussed and is proving popular with all items of interest now available for instant download and printing, including the latest ACMA manual. This makes access to documents and information very accessible.
To access the Dropbox facility, select Dropbox by Google.
Include the user name of “” and password  “livejohn316”  you may then select your item of interest for download and it is free.The Dropbox will be continually updated as various items are made available. This app is going to be very useful in the spreading of important information in the future and our servant communities will now be well informed from a national level.

There was considerable concern about Cursillo cells that were going into recess and the difficulties around restarting them. We are asked as a national body to prayerfully consider ways in which assistance can be given to revitalize these struggling centres.

There was also considerable interest in the workshops we held here in Newcastle after they were noticed in our Diocesan report.
Newcastle gave a resume of the workshops with almost all reps. present asking if they could get more information. It was evident that just as Newcastle was having difficulty establishing and understanding the true role of healthy Serving Communities, so was everybody else. Some Diocese had no such groups and their secretariats were doing the jobs of LSSC groups as well as their own responsibilities. Hence the LSSC groups became a very hot and pursued topic of interest. As a result and at the request of the meeting, Newcastle is providing information relating to the workshops so that it can be issued nationally.

The Cursillistas from Saint Mary’s Busselton hosted a very pleasant Saturday evening dinner for us at their nearby parish complex and welcomed us  again at the morning Eucharist in the adjoining historic Saint Mary’s church on the Sunday morning (est.1844).

The weekend conference concluded with a final Eucharist conducted by Rev. Sue Allen  and assisted by Rev. Steve Niland, followed by the commissioning of Rev. Steve  Niland as National SA and the decommissioning of Rev. Sue Allen from that role.
Unfortunately the National Spiritual Director Bishop Ian Palmer could not attend and gave his apology.
A huge vote of thanks was extended to Busselton for its organisation and hospitality.
The next National conference will be hosted by Adelaide on the 22nd to 24th September 2017.

Newcastle expressed an interest in hosting a national gathering in Newcastle in 2020 which will be our 30th birthday.
Newcastle will also continue to support North Queensland as it faces considerable difficulties about distance and enthusiasm from within its bounds. It is very grateful for assistance that has already been given. Robyn and Marcia Hyde from Nth Queensland are doing a sterling job keeping the Cursillo ideal alive under these very difficult conditions.
Ultreya and De Colores!  Brian Walsh and Lyn Carter. Co Lay-directors.

Kairos #10 God’s Blessing

Kairos #10 (22-26 May) – Thank God for your support – We were blessed indeed by all the loving support that we received from so many people, locally and overseas. Many folk committed to pray for the week; and many also helped with agape in other ways including food and letters.

KairosThis week was especially significant in a number of ways. We had 18 men attend and there was not one who left, all staying the whole five days. The men were particularly open and engaged in their participation. We found this to be happening right from the beginning on the second day, really the first serious day following the introductions.

At the closing ceremony each man had something to say. This is itself is unusual. The comments were revealing and encouraging. Many, the majority, in the group were from overseas. A common comment focussed on a unity which had not been previously experienced. One man from SE Asia who has been inside for a considerable period sated that his time inside had been difficult, but this was definitely “his best week”!  Many of the men spoke of a “re-kindling” of their faith.

And the weather was fine.

God has been good to us in so many ways. The support of the Chaplain and the prison staff cannot be taken for granted.

Please continue to pray for this ongoing ministry. Journey Days which will be held each month; the first being Tuesday 20 June.

Every blessing.

Chris Bullock – (and a member of Kairos #10 team)

Encourager March 2017

Luke 21:29—36 ..and he told them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. As soon as they come out in leaf, you see for yourselves and know that the summer is already near. So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that the Kingdom of God is near. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all has taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away …

Our relationship with God could be described as a series of choices. Following Jesus is a daily process of choosing life over death – with the promise that he will work to heal our bad decisions so that new life is always open to us. We don’t need to be like the Corinthians who seemed to want to choose between Paul and Apollos. We all have different gifts and callings and so need to work together in God’s garden.
Life is full of choices and consequences – if we are holding a glass and we drop it on a hard floor, the chances are that it will break. Moses explained to the people of Israel that their future decisions would have consequences. They had been rescued from slavery in Egypt but they would need to choose to stay free. They could worship God and live his way OR they could choose to become slaves to idols made from stone or wood – basically a choice between life and death, blessings or curses.

DOWNLOAD ENCOURAGER HERE:  #96 the encourager 2017

Leaders School

Servant Community Workshops

Leaders School/Servant Community Workshop – the last of the 3 workshops was held at Belmont Anglican Church on April 29th 2017  

We would love to hear your feed-back… Servant/Leadership communities are essential for the health of Cursillo – if you feel a call to assist in such a community – let’s hear from you.

Any follow-up, please contact servant Community Coordinators: Gail Isles. or Bill Nicolle.

Download Flyer:  The Workshop flyer (3)






TUNE UP – Mens Weekend

– the gathering of 75 men on the Saturday and 57 men on the Sunday at Tahlee Bible College on the shores of Port Stevens in May 2017 was an excellent opportunity to reflect on our faith.

We were challenged very effectively by our main speaker Rev. Rod Lewellyn as we studied the 4 chapters of the second book of Timothy.
A real surprise came when the mystery speaker was introduced. His name was Brigadier Jim Wallace AM  (retired) who is currently heading up the Australian Christian lobby. He spoke on his role and interaction with the various politicians; and ACL’s commitment to pursue a Christian influence into our Federal Parliament.

He was particularly passionate about gaining support for a petition to be presented to Federal Parliament. ACL is seeking active support for persecuted Christians in some of the world hot spots where Christians are being singled out for torture and murder.
There was good support for question time and further information sessions throughout the weekend.
The film “Luther” was shown and was an excellent springboard for  good discussion as a start to the weekend.
There was great singing led competently by the band of 3 guitars, keyboard and drums.
The weather was quite exceptional (not cold and wet as expected).
Great friendships were formed and others renewed.

30 men were there for the first time and were impressed with the format and friendly atmosphere. It was an excellent weekend and full credit goes to Jaimie Young, Dr.James White and their team for organising it.  The Christian Fellowship was great as was the food.  Looking forward to another next year (May 18th – 20th -put it in your Diary!)  Planning has already started.
Blessings and Ultreya Brian Walsh.



M46 & W46 side-by-side 3 day Cursillos – WERE HELD FROM Thursday 24th August 2017 to 27th August 2017  at Hunter Valley Retreat Quorrobolong.  A Report of the weekend will be added to this site SOON…

“3 Days: Introduction to Cursillo”  


A Report of the weekend will be added to this site SOON…

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2017 Application Insert P3 Sponsor & P4 Clergy v4

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