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TUNE UP – Mens Weekend

– the gathering of 75 men on the Saturday and 57 men on the Sunday at Tahlee Bible College on the shores of Port Stevens in May 2017 was an excellent opportunity to reflect on our faith.

We were challenged very effectively by our main speaker Rev. Rod Lewellyn as we studied the 4 chapters of the second book of Timothy.
A real surprise came when the mystery speaker was introduced. His name was Brigadier Jim Wallace AM  (retired) who is currently heading up the Australian Christian lobby. He spoke on his role and interaction with the various politicians; and ACL’s commitment to pursue a Christian influence into our Federal Parliament.

He was particularly passionate about gaining support for a petition to be presented to Federal Parliament. ACL is seeking active support for persecuted Christians in some of the world hot spots where Christians are being singled out for torture and murder.
There was good support for question time and further information sessions throughout the weekend.
The film “Luther” was shown and was an excellent springboard for  good discussion as a start to the weekend.
There was great singing led competently by the band of 3 guitars, keyboard and drums.
The weather was quite exceptional (not cold and wet as expected).
Great friendships were formed and others renewed.

30 men were there for the first time and were impressed with the format and friendly atmosphere. It was an excellent weekend and full credit goes to Jaimie Young, Dr.James White and their team for organising it.  The Christian Fellowship was great as was the food.  Looking forward to another next year (May 18th – 20th -put it in your Diary!)  Planning has already started.
Blessings and Ultreya Brian Walsh.


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